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Interim, Part-time, and Outsourced CFO Services


"I recommend John as both strategist and tactician. He can help you establish your business and financial path as well as help you execute your plans."
-Jay Pflasterer CFO-Internet 2



My passion is working with small business owners, helping them fulfill their dream and let go of areas where they do not wish to be involved. My diverse background leading back office functions allows the business owner to spend time in other more important functions.

I am a right brained person grounded in a left brain body. My natural instinct is to methodically process challenging situations in order to instill common sense and accountability; yet, I constantly strive to suggest new and creative ways of doing things.

I focus in often overlooked areas for opportunities to improve performance, or to abandon old stale processes which are time wasters.

-John Marklin



Are you first and foremost sales driven? Do you have a natural tendency to focus on gaining market share? Do you add material, labor and overhead costs to satisfy the sales demand; yet ignore the back office functions of finance?

If so, this can lead to inefficient processes or an increase in risk and waste money. The end result is an organization not maximizing its return on investment.

Marklin Financial Services can provide you with the financial skills necessary to increase your company's bottom line:

1. Evaluate strategic planning,
2. Implement budgets,
3. Fix inefficiencies and bottlenecks throughout the company’s systems,
4. And reduce potential risk

Business owners use us on a part time or temporary basis, which allows them to receive quality financial advice in an affordable manner.

We’ve been around since 1997 helping many different companies become more profitable.

The owner, John Marklin, has thirty plus years of financial expertise as a CPA, auditor and Chief Financial Officer.
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