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Interim, Part-time, and Outsourced CFO Services


"John Marklin quarterbacked me through the x's and o's of opening a small business. I cannot imagine making a major business decision in the future without getting his opinion first."
-David Marmon, Owner of Marmon Muscle, LLC, Williamsburg, VA



1. Is the product technically feasible?

2. Does it already exist in the market place?

3. Do you understand who you'll be competing with?

4. What is the patent status?

5. Does it meet a clear market demand or solve a problem?

6. Is there a large market opportunity?

7. Do you understand the target market?

8. Is it financially viable? Will it make a profit?

9. How fast can you turn the engineering/design?

10. Do you have cash for the project?

11. Do you need investment?

12. Can you prototype and manufacture quickly and at a low cost?

13. What role do you want to play and why?

14. Can the product stand alone or do you need to form a company?

15. Can you introduce a line of products?

-Tom McDowell



So you have an idea for a new business opportunity. You are busting at the seams with excitement and are consumed with the idea all day and night. You cannot wait to launch your business and get started being your own boss.

Then reality sets in. Are others as excited as you? Does your plan make sense? Will you make money? How do you go about getting your product to market? How do I protect myself if things go wrong? How do I account for the money?

Marklin Financial has assisted many start-up companies launch their businesses successfully. We supply a complete package from start to finish.

You create the idea, the vision and, if needed, a potential source of investment. From there, we can assist you with:

    - Developing a Business Plan,
Identifying your Strengths, Weaknesses,
        Opportunities and Threats,
Preparing a Cash Flow Forecast,
Forming an entity (LLC, S Corp, C Corp, etc.), and
Installing and training for QuickBooks to keep track
        of the cash

You get peace of mind service from one person assisting you through the entire process. And all this for a low, reasonable price (a few thousand dollars).

If you have an idea for a business and would like to get it to market, please contact me.