Cheap Chicken

The Deli is the lifeblood of our grocery stores. It pulls hundreds of people in daily to try our signature Kretschmar meats and cheeses as well as our hot lunch bar. Our secret? We set our prices to be at or lower than our competition while providing quality food prepared fresh daily.

Additionally, we have always been known for having good fried chicken in our deli. In fact, before we bought our stores in Bridgewater and Chincoteague we would ask customers what they liked about the stores and invariably having good fried chicken was usually top on their list.

Last year, we talked about things we could do to further increase sales. My partner came up with the idea to have Cheap Chicken Tuesday where you could buy 8 pieces of chicken (two breasts, two wings, two legs and two thighs) for $4.98, regularly $6.98! In addition, he came up with a radio commercial that we played hundreds of times on the radio station for a week and then ran it every hour in our store over the speakers.

This commercial, set to the tune of Mission Impossible really caught on with the customers. It was unique, funny and catchy. We entered it in the SuperValu Master Marketer program and won the top spot nationally in the radio commercial category.

It’s nice to have awards for commercials, but how did sales respond? Well, see the graph below showing number of 8-piece chicken sold per Tuesday for the last 13 months at one store


But still, I wanted to see what two experts in advertising thought of the commercial. I sent it to Roy Williams, the founder of The Wizard Academy and he published it in his weekly Monday Morning Memo sent out to thousands nationally.

I then sent it to Tom Schiller, owner of Radio Dial Marketing in St. Louis, who provided a unique perspective as follows, “the commercial is catchy alright, but it’s popularity is really due to the chicken being so good at a great price”.

Tom’s right. Without a great product to back it up, the commercial would have been like so many others-unnoticeable.


John Marklin

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