Family first

boysWhen I was very young, I used to ask my father what he wanted for Christmas or his birthday. His answer was always the same. “John, all I really want is for my seven boys to just get along.”

I always chuckled when he said that, never really understanding what he really meant until much later in life.

My six brothers and I were very close. We had to be, with only eleven years separating the oldest and youngest, we did everything together. Played together, went to school together, went through Cub and Boy Scouts together, and yes, went to church together. We had clothes passed down from one to the other, and all had pretty much the same haircut from my mother.

Fast forward 40 plus years and we are still close. Although we don’t all live in the same city anymore, we do stay in touch. And we all continue to check in on Mom and Dad, still going at the young age of 89.

1610938_951864981514860_1078250687097923682_n Recently, Debbie and I took our kids, their spouses and our grandkids on a vacation out west to Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. It had been many years since we had taken a vacation with just our family. We spent a week together touring the area, swimming, relaxing in the hot tub and just catching up. It was a delightful experience with everyone just getting along.

If you haven’t reached out to communicate with your family in a while, stop and take the time to do it. Call them up, or better yet visit them, even if they are in a different city. Tell them that you want to visit just them, for no other reason than to spend some quality time with them. It will make them, and you, feel wonderful.

Dad, I finally understand what you meant about the best gift of all!


John Marklin

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